Healing, or growth, is rarely a solitary experience,
but one which manifests when we make that connection with others – our community – our tribe.

Groups help us realize that we are not alone with our struggles and that we also have a tremendous amount to offer others.

Group programs are scheduled via video conference or telephone calls, with email follow-up between sessions.  In addition, we’ll have a private online forum  to help facilitate connections with each other in a shared space, where change stays safely within the group.

Signature workshops include:

Workshops and groups are live events and can be either face-to-face or virtual, ranging from 2 hours to multiple weekends. These events help us gain insight and wisdom, and provide an environment for the increased possibility of growth.

Love Your Life

Learn the necessary tools to become your own therapist. Figure out how to motivate yourself and to change what isn’t working in your life.

Enhance Your Relationships

Learn ways to increase your communication skills and become the partner and friend you would desire.

Grow Your Self Esteem

Find your balance. Learn to center and hear your own intuition through meditation, self-care and let go of perfectionism.

Love your Body

Are you ready to love yourself?  Learn how make peace with your body and mind and elevate your sense of self.


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