Are You Tired of Being Tired?

I had a journaling prompt once to consider how my life will be summed up after I’m gone.  In just a few quick paragraphs, how will the entirety of Rosemary Clark be described?  The obvious point of the exercise is to identify what deeply matters to you. Let’s see…. The people I love and call… Read More

When I’m Not Quite Feeling the Gratitude

If there were penalties in life school for “piling on”, last week would have qualified for me.  It was full of unexpected stressors both personally and professionally. When Friday night came and the requirements of the week were beginning to settle a little bit, I realized how profoundly tired I was.  I’m talking about that… Read More

A Letter from a Recovering Perfectionist

I start projects on a regular basis with a definite picture in my head of what the outcome “should” be.  I want to plant my garden with the perfect design, or find just the perfect gift for someone I love, or make a business decision that was the perfect thing to do at just the perfect… Read More