When the starting over is hard…

Have you ever had a dream that didn’t work out? We all have, I know. Maybe it’s the big job offer or promotion, the marriage that ended, the fantasy trip you wanted to take, the financial success you hoped for, maybe it’s ________. You fill in the blank. I used to think it was that… Read More

21 Things I Hope My Daughter Heard Me Say

My daughter is graduating from college today. Like I have heard so many others say, I can’t believe this is happening. Where did all the time go? I am bursting with pride, joy, and that bittersweet longing for days gone by. As I consider her life that is just beginning with such sweet promise, I… Read More

The Other Side of Mother’s Day

  Mother’s Day is tomorrow. My calendar reminder just popped-up to be sure I wouldn’t forget. I have known that I wanted to write about this day, but I have struggled with this blog, and I have started and stopped for what feels like a zillion times. This seems like it should be an easy… Read More