Are You Tired of Being Tired?

I had a journaling prompt once to consider how my life will be summed up after I’m gone.  In just a few quick paragraphs, how will the entirety of Rosemary Clark be described?  The obvious point of the exercise is to identify what deeply matters to you. Let’s see…. The people I love and call… Read More

You Can’t Cook a Turkey in 10 Minutes

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”   ~Zora Neale Hurston I have been accused of being a Polly Positive kind of person and my approach to 2017 was right in line with what you would expect.  At least that’s what it sounded like when I talked about it.  And I meant… Read More

How to Live With the Hard Questions

    Have you ever had a question you just INSISTED be answered?  Maybe it was about why the horrible breakup happened, why your body or mind won’t stop hurting, why the job didn’t work out as planned, or a plethora of other life situations you want to understand. Well…. I have.  Many times. And… Read More

I am White and I was born in Selma, Alabama

The horror of the past few days has touched a place of despair in me.  I can’t turn on the news.  I can’t bear to even read my Facebook feed.  The divide between the people I love seems insurmountable.  And it breaks my heart.  These people that I love with so many different colors would… Read More

It Is What It Is

My mother says this should be inscribed on my tombstone.  I say it often.  I don’t mean it in any sort of flippant, hair flinging, foot stomping, hand-on-the-hip kind of way.  When those words come flowing out of my mouth they are acknowledging something I cannot change.  Something that it is time to accept. There… Read More

The Greatest Love Story

  This journal entry needs to begin complete with a drum roll.  Whatever could the greatest love story be about?  We probably all have a good love story, or two, we could nominate for this award.  Maybe our first love, our current love, the one that got away, the love of a job or pet,… Read More

A Letter from a Recovering Perfectionist

I start projects on a regular basis with a definite picture in my head of what the outcome “should” be.  I want to plant my garden with the perfect design, or find just the perfect gift for someone I love, or make a business decision that was the perfect thing to do at just the perfect… Read More

I Hope It Changes You

I was talking to a good friend the other day.  She’s going through an incredibly difficult time and her heart is hurting.  She told me “Rosemary, I don’t think I will ever be the same again!”.  My response:  “I hope not!”  (sounding less than empathetic) Please allow me to explain… It isn’t that I think… Read More

My Wellness Prescription

I have become aware that sometimes it is helpful for me to share some of my own life practices. A behind the scenes look, if you will.  I try to do that regularly, but didn’t quite understand how penetrating the visual of my struggle can be until the last couple of weeks.  I guess most… Read More

Claim Your Space

  I have a really, really, great friend. You know, the kind you would call at 4:00 am if your whole world was falling apart AND she would show up? Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. She’s that kinda girl in my life. This really great friend of mine is quite tiny in stature –… Read More

Yes. You. Can.

Life is full of things we can’t change. I can’t change the weather. I can’t change the traffic patterns that slow me down. I can’t make you love me. But….there’s a difference between a fact and the myths we tell ourselves. We can tell some pretty tall tales as we justify why things are the… Read More

A Father’s Wisdom

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddys, Fathers, Dads, Papas, Grand Daddys, PawPaws, all the men who are engaged in the raising and loving of their children! I have spent a great deal of time lately thinking about my father and the lessons he taught (and continues to teach) me. Let me tell you a… Read More