Hello there!

I’m Rosemary.

I am a life coach and an unshakable believer in the possibility of you.

If we were sharing coffee and chatting about our lives, I would tell you about making lots of adjustments as I found, or maybe it found me, the path to my soul’s work. In some way or another, helping others see their own potential was always calling me home.

I have been blessed with time in corporate jobs, government mental health agencies, and launching my own wellness center. Every one of those experiences has helped me mold and shape the beliefs I offer for soulful living.

For over 10 years I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, which means I have spent lots of time learning how to help people heal. My time working in mental health helped solidify all the theories and ideas about how we heal our deepest wounds. I also learned why so many people never feel deeply satisfied with their lives AND how to change that reality.

Several years ago I decided to launch my dream of opening a group wellness center where we focus on healing the mind, body and spirit. Whole Health is a place of inspiration for me and where I am reminded daily that we can all find healing.

I do believe in therapy and counseling.  Oh my goodness – let’s do more of that!  The magic that occurs when 2 people enter the sacred space of a therapeutic alliance is without measure.  We all need to connect the clinical dots between our past and current problems.

And then there are times when we understand the connection between past and present and still we can’t figure out how to do life differently.  Or, we have absolute buy-in that we want to improve a life skill, but we don’t have the knowledge or information to make the change.  Or, we would simply benefit from having someone helping us along.  We need a coach.

Here I am!

Like most life coaches, I also have a story of “My life fell apart when….” I ended up on the journey of wholeness in the midst of pain. Life woke me up with a loud, clanging bell of loss and grief. I don’t talk about that time very much, because the details aren’t so important any longer. My story likely has similarities to your story. There was a broken heart and the necessity to heal. And yes, this was definitely where life gave me the opportunity to try out many of my strategies in real time!

The coaching and courses I am offering here have been developed from the marriage of my clinical training and my personal real life application. I believe this union of ideas brings you a unique opportunity to move from status quo to thriving.

Which brings me to what I offer you.

My mission is to help you find ways to increase your satisfaction with life. I offer both free and paid content to help you do that, and to support you in the creation of your best life.

I do also run a business and you will likely see me selling products and services to support that business. I’m quite proud of the quality I provide and am grateful for those who engage with me. Being able to make a living doing my soul’s work is part of my soulful life experience.

I’m glad you found your way here. I promise to honor your time and attention and only bring material to grow your own happiness and pleasure. Please sign up for my weekly emails. It is the easiest way for us to stay in touch.

I hope you find pleasure, connection, and possibility in your days.

In wellness,


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