Everyday Wellness

I wrote this course for everyone who has ever looked at their counselor, coach, guide, therapist, physician and said:

“How do you do that?
I understand what you are recommending,
but I don’t know what that looks like in real life”

I wrote this course to help support the journey of anyone who wants to increase their satisfaction in life
I wrote this course to illustrate how good healthy living can feel
I wrote this course to be quite clear that healthy living isn’t complicated

I wrote this course for you

Here’s what you get:

Daily emails delivered to your inbox for 21 days
Affirmations to support the daily concepts
Multiple, simple exercises to try each day
Tools to help you throughout your life

And many more bonus ideas to implement!

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We grow in skill when we practice.

It’s that simple in concept and that difficult in application.

Join this course to find the support and structure you need to get started or renewed on your wellness journey.

This is for you if you:

Need some support and new ideas to support your wellness journey

Feel stuck and uninspired and are ready for a brand new story

Want quick and practical concepts to implement in your daily life

Struggle with staying motivated or on task for change

Or maybe…

You would like to find out what working with me would be like without a major investment

You aren’t sure if you could benefit from trying a digital or virtual coaching product

You want professional guidance without major time and financial obligation

What makes this course special:

I have spent countless hours helping thousands of individuals to let go of defeating patterns and to embrace a life that feels good.  The inspiration for this course was found in each of those sessions.  I have listened for where clients get stuck and frustrated and am offering this course to help break through those difficult places.

These email lessons are quick and easy to both understand and implement.  Implementing lasting change is most often done with small repetitive movements and this course is full of ideas for how to make that happen.  This course is by no means exhaustive of the concepts and practices of wellness, but rather, it is designed to bring your life satisfaction to the forefront of your mind with daily practice.  Consider all the possibilities when you are regularly thinking about and trying new ways to improve your life.  Some might call that magic!

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