How Expectations Can Keep You From Feeling Good Enough

We live in a culture deeply infatuated with easy, immediate, perfect, and the way it should be. We love an over-simplified option of “this” or “that”.   I mean, who doesn’t prefer having two clear cut options over complicated explanations and insights requiring thought and consideration? Turn on the news.  You’ll watch it happen on… Read More

The Power of the Pause

We do an annual board meeting in our house.  We make strategies for business, process challenges, plan the calendar, set budgets and goals, and generally make sure we are on the same page.   Over time, it has evolved into one of my favorite events of the year.   I love setting aside 4 days to… Read More

I am White and I was born in Selma, Alabama

The horror of the past few days has touched a place of despair in me.  I can’t turn on the news.  I can’t bear to even read my Facebook feed.  The divide between the people I love seems insurmountable.  And it breaks my heart.  These people that I love with so many different colors would… Read More

When Terror Strikes

Yesterday’s bombings in Brussels disturbed me greatly.  I was in that airport last summer on a trip with my daughter.  I have been thinking of the kind lady who helped us with a travel delay.  I hope she is ok. I’m sure the terror in Brussels horrified you as well.  Or maybe, after regular exposure… Read More

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

 Absolutely everything. I know lots of us are celebrating this holiday with our special love.  Me too.  My love and I are attending a concert of a favorite musician.  But, that’s sooo not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about a love of life, of YOU. Do you remember when you last fell in love… Read More

My Wellness Prescription

I have become aware that sometimes it is helpful for me to share some of my own life practices. A behind the scenes look, if you will.  I try to do that regularly, but didn’t quite understand how penetrating the visual of my struggle can be until the last couple of weeks.  I guess most… Read More

Soften Around the Pain

  “Can you allow your greatest pain to become your greatest teacher”?  I’ve heard this challenge issued before.  Maybe you have too. It makes me take a deep deep breath… Pain a teacher? Something good can come out of the hurt places in life? I think so.  I think that’s exactly how it can go.… Read More