How Expectations Can Keep You From Feeling Good Enough

We live in a culture deeply infatuated with easy, immediate, perfect, and the way it should be. We love an over-simplified option of “this” or “that”.   I mean, who doesn’t prefer having two clear cut options over complicated explanations and insights requiring thought and consideration? Turn on the news.  You’ll watch it happen on… Read More

You Can’t Cook a Turkey in 10 Minutes

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”   ~Zora Neale Hurston I have been accused of being a Polly Positive kind of person and my approach to 2017 was right in line with what you would expect.  At least that’s what it sounded like when I talked about it.  And I meant… Read More

What Healthy People Have In Common

The strangest thing keeps happening. Like this. I have a friend who is in her 60s.  I know this sounds a bit cliche, but truly, she doesn’t look a day over 40.  Folks are amazed and when they find out how old she is. often exclaim  “No way”, they say, “what good genes you have!”.  She… Read More

How to Live With the Hard Questions

    Have you ever had a question you just INSISTED be answered?  Maybe it was about why the horrible breakup happened, why your body or mind won’t stop hurting, why the job didn’t work out as planned, or a plethora of other life situations you want to understand. Well…. I have.  Many times. And… Read More

Why Your Desires Matter

Those dreams and goals you have for your life?  They are both beautiful and necessary.  They keep you focused and moving toward the good morsels of life.  Goals motivate us to get our rear ends off the couch, to eat healthier, lose weight, save for retirement, manage our emotions, create meaningful relationships.  Good stuff, right? … Read More

Dream On

Do you remember your childhood dreams?  Everything was possible, wasn’t it?  And all the possibilities came without judgment.   I remember playdates where my own dream of traveling was equal to my friend’s dream of being a homemaker, or another’s of becoming president.  We didn’t call one dream better than the other.  Somehow we understood… Read More

Keep Going

Have you ever gone to the gym once and then felt frustrated that there wasn’t a significant change right when you were done?  Or, started saving a little extra for a couple of weeks and then felt defeated because the balance had not grown to the number you dreamed about (but probably wasn’t possible if… Read More

5 Ideas to Improve Your Mental Health in 2016

When I was in graduate school, I vividly remember someone asking my professor “so what is mental health anyway”?  At first I thought “well that’s an absurd question”….  However, I quickly realized I couldn’t formulate an answer.  Of course, that made it a great question…. Was it the absence of diagnostic symptoms, was it not… Read More

I Hope It Changes You

I was talking to a good friend the other day.  She’s going through an incredibly difficult time and her heart is hurting.  She told me “Rosemary, I don’t think I will ever be the same again!”.  My response:  “I hope not!”  (sounding less than empathetic) Please allow me to explain… It isn’t that I think… Read More

My Wellness Prescription

I have become aware that sometimes it is helpful for me to share some of my own life practices. A behind the scenes look, if you will.  I try to do that regularly, but didn’t quite understand how penetrating the visual of my struggle can be until the last couple of weeks.  I guess most… Read More

Soften Around the Pain

  “Can you allow your greatest pain to become your greatest teacher”?  I’ve heard this challenge issued before.  Maybe you have too. It makes me take a deep deep breath… Pain a teacher? Something good can come out of the hurt places in life? I think so.  I think that’s exactly how it can go.… Read More

There is always hope

 Today is the end of National Suicide Prevention month.  I have wanted to write about it all month long, but this is such a tough topic to blog about.  I keep starting and stopping…  While I am trained in dealing with suicide, suicide prevention, and depression, the reality of suicide is simply a painful conversation.… Read More