21 Things I Hope My Daughter Heard Me Say

My daughter is graduating from college today. Like I have heard so many others say, I can’t believe this is happening. Where did all the time go? I am bursting with pride, joy, and that bittersweet longing for days gone by. As I consider her life that is just beginning with such sweet promise, I… Read More

The Other Side of Mother’s Day

  Mother’s Day is tomorrow. My calendar reminder just popped-up to be sure I wouldn’t forget. I have known that I wanted to write about this day, but I have struggled with this blog, and I have started and stopped for what feels like a zillion times. This seems like it should be an easy… Read More

It’s Complicated

My daughter is graduating from college next month. Yikes! I remember the day this “little girl” came into the world. She arrived with great fanfare during a blizzard and her Doctor had to take a snowmobile to get to the hospital. She has filled up my life and has been my greatest joy ever since… Read More

All that and a bag of chips!

Do you have a phrase you say a lot? Back in the day my top phrases would have been: “cool your jets”, “get real”, “I kid you not”, or “all that and a bag of chips”. It makes me laugh to think of the slang that has moved in and out of my vocabulary. Lately,… Read More

A Little Lesson in Punctuation

I met a man one day who told me he was always depressed. I remarked on the beautiful blue sky that was showing up after days of gloomy rain. His response to me was, “Yes, it is beautiful, but it would be better if it were warmer”. Such a typical and understandable response from someone… Read More

BAM – was that an elk?

It was a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon.  I have a sweet little convertible and the top was down, the sun was shining, and the music was too loud (so I could sing and no one would ever hear…).  Then, BAM – I was in a whirlwind.  I remember impact, air bags, brown fur somewhere, but not quite… Read More

Being present

Can you come for dinner? “I would love to but my schedule is full”. How are you? “Great! Really busy but great”. At the end of every conversation with my mother… “Rosemary, please get some rest”. I live a full and beautiful life that is overbooked, over-stimulated (who doesn’t know about the vortex of time… Read More


I read a book once that spoke to the idea that we all have one word to say.  I remember thinking that was such an odd concept and who could ever figure out what theirs might be?  There were exercises to help identify your word – maybe it was rest ,or peace, or love.  None… Read More

I am enough

Do you ever have a great idea and are “all systems go” to implement it?  My desire to launch a website and start a blog were the latest for me, and here’s how things got going in my head… “I want to write a blog.  I’m a fairly intelligent woman with things to say.  Should… Read More

Radical Gratefulness

Depression and anxiety cannot co-exist with gratitude.  It’s impossible.  Depression lives in the past and anxiety lives in the future.  Gratitude is all about the here and now.  If you are struggling with depression and anxiety, then work on cultivating a practice of gratitude.  It works. Here’s one of my recent exercises in gratitude.  Give… Read More