My Wellness Prescription

I have become aware that sometimes it is helpful for me to share some of my own life practices. A behind the scenes look, if you will.  I try to do that regularly, but didn’t quite understand how penetrating the visual of my struggle can be until the last couple of weeks.  I guess most… Read More

Soften Around the Pain

  “Can you allow your greatest pain to become your greatest teacher”?  I’ve heard this challenge issued before.  Maybe you have too. It makes me take a deep deep breath… Pain a teacher? Something good can come out of the hurt places in life? I think so.  I think that’s exactly how it can go.… Read More

The Work IS the Joy

  Are the changes you want to make in your life exciting to participate in, or do you dread the effort?  What if I told you I think the process of change could be a remarkably empowering time in your life?  Even while doing the work… I recently told a story about how I often… Read More

There is always hope

 Today is the end of National Suicide Prevention month.  I have wanted to write about it all month long, but this is such a tough topic to blog about.  I keep starting and stopping…  While I am trained in dealing with suicide, suicide prevention, and depression, the reality of suicide is simply a painful conversation.… Read More

Sinking Deeper Into Gratitude

I wrote a blog a while back on radical gratefulness and the power of finding something in the present moment for which to be grateful.  This is a sure fire antidote to anxiety and depression.  It can be more difficult than it sounds, however.  Often we can’t think of anything to be grateful for, because we… Read More

Do the Work

  I often want projects and goals to be completed quickly.  And quite painlessly. For instance, I may decide I want to organize the attic, but what I really want is the attic to be organized.  I’m not that interested in doing the strenuous work required to get it organized… Or, I may want to… Read More

I Choose the Magic

  On a random work day, several years ago, I was having a really bad morning.  If you have ever had my first appointment of the day, you will not be shocked by this fact… I was running late….  You know, that frantic “Aaarrghhhh – I overslept and don’t even have time to eat breakfast… Read More

Claim Your Space

  I have a really, really, great friend. You know, the kind you would call at 4:00 am if your whole world was falling apart AND she would show up? Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. She’s that kinda girl in my life. This really great friend of mine is quite tiny in stature –… Read More

The Skinny on Consequences

  What’s the first thing you think about when you hear “consequences”? It’s usually something bad that’s about to happen, isn’t it? Truly, this is just another way to describe cause and effect. If you save money on a regular basis, the consequence is having financial independence. If you exercise every day, you get stronger.… Read More

Yes. You. Can.

Life is full of things we can’t change. I can’t change the weather. I can’t change the traffic patterns that slow me down. I can’t make you love me. But….there’s a difference between a fact and the myths we tell ourselves. We can tell some pretty tall tales as we justify why things are the… Read More

A Father’s Wisdom

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddys, Fathers, Dads, Papas, Grand Daddys, PawPaws, all the men who are engaged in the raising and loving of their children! I have spent a great deal of time lately thinking about my father and the lessons he taught (and continues to teach) me. Let me tell you a… Read More

When the starting over is hard…

Have you ever had a dream that didn’t work out? We all have, I know. Maybe it’s the big job offer or promotion, the marriage that ended, the fantasy trip you wanted to take, the financial success you hoped for, maybe it’s ________. You fill in the blank. I used to think it was that… Read More