Until You Feel It You Can’t Heal It

Disclaimer:  This story isn’t about one person but rather many people I have known. I once worked with a woman who would come see me every week.  She was depressed.  So. Very. Depressed.  We would talk about the classic symptoms of depression: the isolation, the increase in sleep, her weight gain, her lack of interest… Read More

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

 Absolutely everything. I know lots of us are celebrating this holiday with our special love.  Me too.  My love and I are attending a concert of a favorite musician.  But, that’s sooo not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about a love of life, of YOU. Do you remember when you last fell in love… Read More

The Greatest Love Story

  This journal entry needs to begin complete with a drum roll.  Whatever could the greatest love story be about?  We probably all have a good love story, or two, we could nominate for this award.  Maybe our first love, our current love, the one that got away, the love of a job or pet,… Read More

When I’m Not Quite Feeling the Gratitude

If there were penalties in life school for “piling on”, last week would have qualified for me.  It was full of unexpected stressors both personally and professionally. When Friday night came and the requirements of the week were beginning to settle a little bit, I realized how profoundly tired I was.  I’m talking about that… Read More

Pavlov’s Dogs and Bubble Baths

 There was a period in my life that I remember as being particularly difficult.  It was a transition time in my life and it was full of adjustments and change.  I was working a lot and my work schedule kept me in that impossible place between completely exhausted and so wired up I couldn’t wind… Read More

A Letter from a Recovering Perfectionist

I start projects on a regular basis with a definite picture in my head of what the outcome “should” be.  I want to plant my garden with the perfect design, or find just the perfect gift for someone I love, or make a business decision that was the perfect thing to do at just the perfect… Read More

My Word for 2016 is….

  How’s it going with your New Year’s resolutions / intentions / desires?  If you are like most of us, it is already getting difficult to stay with the changes you wanted to make.  Change is always difficult – whether we decide to do it on New Year’s Eve or a random Tuesday in May.… Read More

5 Ideas to Improve Your Mental Health in 2016

When I was in graduate school, I vividly remember someone asking my professor “so what is mental health anyway”?  At first I thought “well that’s an absurd question”….  However, I quickly realized I couldn’t formulate an answer.  Of course, that made it a great question…. Was it the absence of diagnostic symptoms, was it not… Read More

Ceremonies for the Endings

The end of every year finds me waxing a bit poetic.  I can’t really help doing a round up of all that has happened and assess where I am in the process of moving along.  I just can’t….  which leads me to spend time thinking about where I may be stuck and why.  You know,… Read More

Pumpkin Pie and a Slice of Gratitude

  I dig this holiday.  And not because of all the goodness on the table with favorites such as pumpkin pie and dressing (that’s what we call stuffing in the south).  I love this holiday because it is one solid day that is dedicated to the practice of giving thanks. Of being grateful. If I… Read More

I Hope It Changes You

I was talking to a good friend the other day.  She’s going through an incredibly difficult time and her heart is hurting.  She told me “Rosemary, I don’t think I will ever be the same again!”.  My response:  “I hope not!”  (sounding less than empathetic) Please allow me to explain… It isn’t that I think… Read More

Constrict or Expand

Saturday morning yoga class.  Stand tall, arms high, fingers wide.  “Create more space for what you desire in your life” the instructor said.  I have stood in that same pose, heard the same instruction many many times.  Usually I am thinking “yeah, yeah, let’s get on with the real stuff.”  Somehow on that Saturday morning,… Read More