I did a business exercise recently to figure out what I should be blogging about on a regular basis.  When you put a lot of effort into writing, there’s the added bonus when someone actually reads it…  To get someone to read it requires that I write about something they (aka you) might be interested in.
Here’s the exercise:
Close your eyes and consider your reader.  What are they struggling with right now?  What do they need help with?  What answers are they longing to find?  How do they feel?
So, I did.  I closed my eyes and thought about you.  I considered the onslaught of over-simplified, and often-times completely wrong, information that’s regularly sent your way about wellness.  I thought about the struggles you have with staying positive, grounded, and happy.  The way you really would like to do that, but also when life gets hard and it feels impossible.  I thought about the times you have started and stopped, and the feelings of disappointment, sadness, and / or regret that come with that.  I felt your frustration, your eagerness, your hope, and your fear.  I considered ways you might think there was something wrong with you, and the shame you might carry in your heart.   I intimately understood the ways fear and self-doubt cause you to sometimes shrink back from showing up in the world and pursuing your heart’s desire.  I sat with you for a while.
And I had some things I wanted to say to you.
You do have what it takes.  You do.  All those moments and previous attempts have brought you here, along with knowledge you haven’t had before.  Each time you begin is a brand new experience with completely new possibilities.
I want you to know that you are too hard on yourself.  You are!  If you will cut yourself some slack, you will find it easier to keep going.  It’s ironic, I know, but it’s the way it is.  The perfection required to be “enough” is weighing you down.  Write your own rules for what fills up your life.
I want you to know that fear and doubt can become your friend.  These feelings can remind you of the cost of not speaking up and reaching for more in life.  There is no real failure, but rather, in the doing, we find clarity and course correction.  We gain depth and courage in the living and doing. Only listening to the fear cheats you of your most robust life.  Let fear have a voice, but not the only one in the conversation.
I want you to know how beautiful your soul is.   I know you have stories and details I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter.  I understand how magnificent a human soul is, and that magnificence is not diminished because of the stories it carries.
I want you to know how much your body deserves your love.  Your body is breathing and moving right this second without being asked.  That’s a spectacular miracle.  Please don’t minimize or magnify that, because of the shape or size you may be in right now.  Your value is not attached to what your body looks like to others, or yourself, and when you learn to love your body, it becomes easier to take care of it.  No one has ever healed a body they hate.  No one.
I want you to know that you are enough for love to be in your life.  Please risk loving, particularly yourself, in a bigger way.  I’m not talking about depending or obsessing, that’s not love.  I’m talking about love that is patient, kind, tolerant and full of gentle kindness.
I want you to know that if it’s hard right now, that does not mean it will always be hard.  It doesn’t.  I believe in the  magic of practice and focus and when you are ready, on your own time, you’ll figure this out.  You have all you need to do what is required of you right now.
I want you to know that learning ways to get grounded into a soulful life is possible, and also…. time intensive.  This isn’t a quick fix in 10 easy steps.  Don’t require it to be quick, and it gets easier to do. Instant success isn’t a real thing.  Folks telling you it is only want to sell you something.  Turn the channel.
Here’s the thing….  A forward moving life, one that is often examined, challenged, and focused on growth, regularly feels like a beginner on this journey.  The awareness of the massive amount of knowledge and skill required to master it is an ever present guide.  This is what it feels like when we are learning, and this discomfort isn’t necessarily all bad.  Consider the gift of remaining a beginner.
And then pause and reflect on how far you have come.  This current place isn’t where you have always been.  Honor that journey and progress.
One last thing, I want you to know that I believe you can know all of this, too.  Until your sense of self grows and is able to take it all in, I’ll hold these truths for you.

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