I have my own heroes in the self help world.  I have followed and devoured the works of Marianne Williamson, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, Oriah, Caroline Myss, and Robert Holden for years.  I haven’t chatted with them, they don’t know me, and yet, they have most definitely been some of the most influential people in my life.  I have recently expanded my circle to include Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Austin Kleon, Rick Hanson and Pema Chodron.  I’m following them online, reading their work, buying their courses and am open to what they can teach me.
This online business, Rosemary Clark Empowers, was birthed out of a desire to be of help and service to others.  I truly wish it was as simple as putting out good content and voila, your tribe shows up. That lofty goal to be of help and service requires that someone actually read what I’m posting here….  Like most everything meaningful in life, getting your content to people who are interested, needs study and work.   As it turns out, there is a science to blogging and sending your content out into the mystical internet.  There are requirements of topics to discuss and how often, being authentic without getting too intimate, being transparent about sales, and the cardinal rule of being super visible on social media.
Say what?!  Visualize my entire face being scrunched up with dislike….
I’m not a tremendous fan of social media.  In fact, my life feels better when there’s limited time (aka none) on any of the available platforms.  I can get sucked into the vortex of reading and watching material that doesn’t enhance my life very much.  It’s like someone is saying “keep your eyes on the shiny object” and off to hypnotized living I go.  Yuck.  Y’all know me.  I’m an advocate for the polar opposite – the wide awake, conscious, satisfied and soulful living.
I don’t necessarily have an answer to all of this.  The truth is, for us to have a “digital” relationship I have to show up digitally.  That’s the reality of the world we live in.  And because it matters a great deal to me that I live and work in integrity to the principles I preach about, I want to be clear on how I plan to be in communication and what you can expect if you decide you want to join me in any or all of it.
I’m offering weekly wellness roundups that I’ll email straight to your inbox on Thursdays that include my weekly writings, book recommendations, worksheets, and more.   If you would like to be sure you get these emails, please sign up here.
I will be offering PDFs with life tips, journal prompts, meditations, and who knows what else I might create about different topics.  They will be free to you.  They will also require you to let me know that you want to communicate with me (by simply giving your email address) and I’ll follow up with you about what to download.  I may offer a course on that topic later and I’ll want to be sure you know when it’s about to launch.  You will always be given the opportunity to opt out of a specific product offering and still be able to receive the weekly blogs.  I’m spending countless hours learning how to use an email program that’s sophisticated enough to give us all this customization.  This is about you getting what you want from me.
I will be on three social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  If you prefer to communicate that way, please do.
My Facebook page will hosts groups I’m offering.  The first one, Soulful Living, is up and free to you!  I’m going to add a weekly video, where I will talk about the blog I just wrote or respond to questions that folks sent me.  These videos will be housed on Facebook, so it should be easy to find them later if there’s something you like.   I suggest you also “follow” that page, as Facebook is working hard to help provide content that fills you up and not just random fluff.  A great big high five to them for that!
I’m also on Instagram.  This will be the platform where I get a little more personal.  The very nature of a photo based program requires that I share more of what I actually see everyday.This immediately leaves me feeling vulnerable.  Yikes!  You can know that I’m working on this just like everyone else…
LinkedIn will house more information for businesses looking to incorporate wellness practices in their workplace.
Here’s what I promise you about everything that I put out into the world:
My manifesto:
I will show up authentically and at regularly scheduled times.  This means I will honor my commitment to be real with you.  I’m an introvert in my soul and this is quite difficult for me, but it matters a great deal that I not just talk, but also demonstrate. I learn when someone shows me and I want to offer that here.
I will let this process be my own individual journey.  I won’t be in competition with others and I’ll allow this process to organically evolve.  This gives me the freedom to change what isn’t working in my business.
I will be here to create connection.  I want you to trust the person who is writing and speaking to you.  I sometimes talk about tough stuff and connection helps us both to be able to have those more difficult conversations.  We are all seeking connection with others and, as our world becomes more digital, we must find creative ways to genuinely attach with others.
I will not post just to post.  I will do my very best to not waste your time.  Your attention is valuable real estate and I will give the appropriate time, preparation and attention to what I share.
I will have fun with this.  As I started this process I quickly realized all this writing and posting was the exact opposite of the creative process.  Deadlines and to do lists do not inspire art!  It is quite easy to get into the nuts and bolts business of this and to let it just be a job.  That’s not the point of life and definitely not the reason I started this online presence 4 years ago.  Life is meant to feel good, even when it’s new and extroverted.  I hope you’ll feel the joy of what I do in the offerings I bring.
And that, as I often say, is what it is.  My soul has been challenged and searched and this is what settled out.  I am certain this is where I need to be right now  Thank you for being present with me.

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