Are you still going gangbusters on your New Year’s resolutions?  I hope you are, but if you are like most, continuing change gets difficult.  You may even be completely off the track.  You are skipping the gym, arguing with your spouse, and ignoring the changes you decided to make.
“I’m not disciplined enough to make the change I want.  It’s only a few weeks into the year and I have already failed anyway.  I don’t even see the point.”
This is why many of us don’t even want to set the resolutions and goals in the first place.  We don’t dare to utter the desires of our heart.  The dreams are too big and our behaviors too ingrained to overcome.  We don’t think we have what it takes.  But maybe, just maybe, this isn’t the truth.
I believe that it is not.
What if we have the idea about discipline and change all kind of backward and it isn’t something only the most elite of athletes can master?
Discipline is NOT
gutting it out
depriving yourself
requiring perfection
the price of unrealistic expectations
something only other people can do
Discipline is simply your ability to still your mind in order to hear your own heart’s desires.  
Let that sink in for a minute.  Seriously.  Pause.
Discipline is all about quieting the noise in our heads and remembering where our intuition has already told us to go.
I’m not saying for one second that discipline is easy.  But I AM saying that discipline, like our intuition, is a quiet, still voice reminding us what we need to do next.
Our heart’s desires are often large and require great leaps of faith and new skills.  And while there is nothing easy about that, please don’t scale down your dreams!  Your beautiful life needs you to keep expanding.
So, if you have fallen off track or even given up completely, get quiet.  Allow yourself to remember why you began in the first place.  Keep going.
You’ve got this,

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