Hey there – it’s me….  I haven’t written here in a while.  I could give you all sorts of reasons why and, trust me, they are valid.  But the truth is, I haven’t been present for my blog.
Believe it or not….  it’s a heart’s desire of mine to write.  I overcome ego and fear each time I hit the publish button.  And I absolutely LOVE engaging with others about the topics I am writing about.  A blank screen, while daunting, is also an open invitation to carve out thoughts and ideas.  I feel settled and somehow all sorted out when I’m finished.  (Hint, try journaling and you’ll get what I’m talking about.)
Still, I haven’t shown up for what I love.  And truly, that makes me sad.
Do you ever do that?  Do you have something that matters oh so much to you, but you blow it off for “more important” activities?  I often hear from others how distracted they are and how much they miss their time together as a couple, or maybe their favorite hobby, or hanging with their kids. We seem to easily get blown off course.
We get distracted from what matters most to us – from those things that make life feel good.  We decide the feel goods aren’t as important as the crisis of the moment, because joy seems like the whipped cream on top.  But, joy isn’t the topping.  Joy is the meat and potatoes of life.  Without the satisfaction of being present for what we love, life gets hard. I start using phrases like “everything feels stale” or “I need some sparkle” or “oh my goodness, I’m tired”!
So here I am.  Doing what makes life sparkle for me.  I hope you will engage fully in the activities that make your soul sing.
If you have gotten off track like I have, let’s begin again.

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