“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.”  ~Hafez

Have you seen the gratitude jar challenge?  This is where you write one thing a day to be grateful for and place it safely in a jar.  Then, at the end of the year, you pull everything out and savor a year of gratitude as you re-read all the delicious moments you have had.  I have done it.  It’s wonderful.

Someone asked me the other day if I thought a gratitude jar made any difference at all.  If so, what would it do?

I usually am a good listener and allow folks to get their entire thought expressed without any interruption, but I didn’t do so well with that question.  Before she was able to get all her thoughts articulated my response was a huge YES.  We laughed at my over eager response and then I elaborated.  When we are grateful, there is only room for present moment, satisfying, feeling good…happiness.  Seriously.  Gratitude is an absolute game changer for mood and overall life satisfaction.

Because here’s the point…. You deserve a life that is full of gratitude.  Imagine for a second… if you always felt gratitude.  How you might interact with others in your life.  I’ll bet you would be more loving, more kind, more flexible and open to change.  You would be a better listener, more in touch with others, and truly, deep down, you would be a happier soul.  You deserve that.  You deserve big heaping doses of that.

I must admit that I am not doing a gratitude jar this year.  I am participating though!  I am logging my daily gratitude in a date book.  I’ll review it on New Year’s Eve and let my heart remember how beautiful 2017 was for me.  I’m starting before the year gets going.  There will be challenges for sure.  That’s what life is full of and that’s OK.  I’ll be busy looking for the little moments to say thank you for.  And that will change my entire outlook on whatever may come.

Join me.  Get a jar, journal, whatever you want to use to record the gratitude.

Let’s let happiness catch us,


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