My mother says this should be inscribed on my tombstone.  I say it often.  I don’t mean it in any sort of flippant, hair flinging, foot stomping, hand-on-the-hip kind of way.  When those words come flowing out of my mouth they are acknowledging something I cannot change.  Something that it is time to accept.
There are many circumstances I haven’t wanted to accept.  They range from small to large.  I don’t always want to accept the fact that I am facing a challenge, that something is hard, that I need to engage more, that I need to engage less, that something isn’t fair, that I’m doing something that I struggle with – again…., that someone I love is no longer in my life.
This concept of acceptance doesn’t come easily to me.  And it is easy to confuse it with giving up or in.  Weak.
Acceptance is none of those things.  In fact, acceptance is just the opposite.
Acceptance makes room for healing, for feeling better, for confidence, for empowerment, for all the emotions we long to feel again.
Here’s a simple example of how this process of acceptance works:
You wake up one morning knowing that you have gained weight (as evidenced by the tight pants you wore yesterday); you decide to brave the scale and see what’s really going on.  Fact – the number on the scale is up.  You have a choice.  You can argue with that number, give it meaning about who are are in your soul, pretend you didn’t see it, deny that it matters, rationalize why it is up.  You can fight that truth.  And you will be miserable.
Or, you can accept that the number is what it is.  You can accept what’s there and cut yourself some slack, make a plan for how to manage it, share some love with yourself and be grateful you caught it.  You can let it feel better.
That doesn’t mean you don’t ever do anything about your weight.  It simply means you accept what is in front of you at this particular time.
And, that?  That’s called strength.  Strength to get moving, make changes, create a new reality.  It’s all kind of powerful.
Acceptance allows us to stop insisting on our own (the only) way and to be open to all that life has to offer.
It is what it is,

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