Those dreams and goals you have for your life?  They are both beautiful and necessary.  They keep you focused and moving toward the good morsels of life.  Goals motivate us to get our rear ends off the couch, to eat healthier, lose weight, save for retirement, manage our emotions, create meaningful relationships.  Good stuff, right?  Until they get too hard….
Goals are bold and exciting while we plan them out and then often in the undertaking they begin to feel impossible.  How many times have we started a diet and by dinnertime we were pitching in the towel because the hunger just wasn’t worth it.  The goal, the prize, that smaller size was beginning to cause some discomfort.  In my house we describe those moments with “sh*t just got real”.  We all give knowing looks with a deep understanding of how hard something has just become.
That’s the moment of choice…   quit or keep going
The shallower parts of me can be almost giddy with excitement when it gets hard.  “See, you can quit” those voices say.  “Whew, I was thinking I wouldn’t stick with this for long.”  “You always want too much anyway.” What is left out in those statements is that the quitting also costs me the joy of the dream.
I work hard (sometimes more successfully than others…) to turn the volume down on the internal critic and to listen to a deeper place inside myself.  A quiet and still place, a place where my heart’s desires reside.  Where my intuition lives.
This place remembers why the goal does matter.
So we are left with the fact that dreams and goals hold value and that they are also difficult.  Interesting bedfellows for sure.
And that means that sometimes (most every single time) movement toward your goal will be hard.  You will hit roadblocks, obstacles, you are going to hear “no”, the timeline will be off, readjustments will be necessary, many apologies will need to offered (to both yourself and others), you may go off course, backwards, you may stall.
And that dream of yours? It is still worth the effort.

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