Have you ever gone to the gym once and then felt frustrated that there wasn’t a significant change right when you were done?  Or, started saving a little extra for a couple of weeks and then felt defeated because the balance had not grown to the number you dreamed about (but probably wasn’t possible if you did the math)?  Or, made a commitment for deep personal change like managing your anger, not taking things so personally or finally getting rid of that anxiety once and for all only to have that exact response on the day you decided to change?  Yeah, I understand.  Me too.
I admit it.  I’m guilty.  I want the magic pill, easy peasy no effort change, the quick – preferably immediate – results.  I absolutely want to be able to call a help desk and get a super fast answer to any possible issue I may be dealing with at the time.  Unreasonable?  Oh, you betcha…
Life often reminds me that this isn’t how it works….
Our expectations can get so unreasonable that we set ourselves up for mouth-watering bitter disappointment.  That kind of disappointment leads to….  “I’ll just quit”; “It isn’t worth it”; or maybe even this awful thought… “I’m not good enough to do it anyway”.
That’s simply not true.
Your heart’s desires ARE worth it!  And you absolutely have what it takes to make the changes you desire to see in your life.
Pull your expectations into line and let it get a little easier.  Maybe it sounds a little bit like this:
“I wish I could just go to the gym once and be done but the changes I want to see in my health require consistent dedication to my wellness.” or “Financial changes take time.  I am grateful I am making the changes now.”
Those kind of statements have some staying power! They recognize that change and growth are a process.  They understand that there is no one perfect way or manual to follow but rather your own focus on your goals.
Find some wiggle in your thinking.  There’s joy waiting for you there.
Keep Going,

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