I know lots of us are celebrating this holiday with our special love.  Me too.  My love and I are attending a concert of a favorite musician.  But, that’s sooo not what I’m talking about. 
I’m talking about a love of life, of YOU.
Do you remember when you last fell in love romantically?  It’s intoxicating, isn’t it?  Everything is easier when we are in love.  Schedules that don’t have a moment to spare miraculously open up slots to spend with our love. You can usually spot someone who is in love.  She’ll have a sly smile on her face when she talks about their latest encounter, or he will grin when he tells you he has plans for the weekend.  It’s a sweet feeling.  Some might even describe it as the sweetest feeling.
What if you fell in love with your life, your job, your family, your finances, your health, your everything with that same kind of feeling?  I think you would make time for you and all the things that make you smile.  That is the sweetest kind of living I can imagine!
This giving and receiving of love heals us.  Each time we operate out of a place of love, and not judgment, we help someone else find courage.  When we soften and share loving kindness with another, we help them feel safe in the world.  When we love and nurture our children, rather than use exasperating parenting methods, we love and guide them into the adults we long for them to be.  Each time we allow another to send love our way and rather than brush it off as “not necessary” we allow it to sink in, we heal.
It is in the giving and receiving of love that life works.  We feel stronger, better, more flexible.  You know, like we can leap tall buildings in a single bound…that kinda good.
Love.  It’s what it’s all about.

One comment on “What’s Love Got to Do With It?

  • Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. You are so right. When you are in love it is easier to get through anything.

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