This journal entry needs to begin complete with a drum roll.  Whatever could the greatest love story be about?  We probably all have a good love story, or two, we could nominate for this award.  Maybe our first love, our current love, the one that got away, the love of a job or pet, the precious love of a child.  Those are pretty good ones but I think the greatest one stands in a category all by itself.
It is the one you have with yourself.
Perhaps we should define love before we go much further.
What is love?  You can search this out and find definitions in every religion, branch of psychology, poetry, you name it, and we probably all have some thoughts on it.  At the end of the day, this definition is quite personal, but there are some general themes across cultures and texts.
Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love is tolerant.
Love is selfless.
Love is gentle.
Love is empowering.
Love is enduring.
Love is soul satisfying.
Love is safe.
Love is home.
Love is big – really big.  It feels good and everything seems to get easier when love is present.  We give the benefit of the doubt easily, we let hurts go, we laugh rather than become annoyed.
Imagine a world where your love for yourself, your life, your own soul is strong enough to last a lifetime. If you are able to wear the lens of love for yourself – to the point that you are patient, kind, tolerant, gentle, safe with you – doesn’t that change many many things?
This means that instead of telling yourself you should be better you would be gentler and accepting of where you are today; instead of believing you can’t do something you would empower yourself to claim your heart’s desires.  This would mean that being alone is okay and liking the company you keep.
Increase these qualities in your life – bring love in.
Treat yourself like someone you love,

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