I dig this holiday.  And not because of all the goodness on the table with favorites such as pumpkin pie and dressing (that’s what we call stuffing in the south).  I love this holiday because it is one solid day that is dedicated to the practice of giving thanks.
If I have a sermon to preach, a message to deliver, a secret to share it is this…. being grateful completely shifts your life into a better place.  It is a true a game changer.
It changes everything because it brings you into the here and now.  Gratitude moves you out of everything that is wrong and into something that might be better.
Here’s an example:
Problem:  The Thanksgiving meal isn’t prepared on time, Aunt Zelda is arguing with Uncle Bert and it is the same old argument….  Uh oh, looks like the turkey is burned.
Thought:  What a wasted holiday!  I should have stayed home and had a frozen dinner.
Here comes gratitude:  This may be the same thing every year but I sure am grateful to have family.  Or, I’m grateful for the sun that is shining this year.  Or, I am grateful my team is playing today.  Or, I am grateful I don’t have to stay too long.  Or, who cares about turkey, it’s that pecan pie that I’m waiting on!
Gratitude doesn’t make requirements on the content.  Simply find any place you can to let the gratitude flow.
You get the idea?  In the midst of whatever is, make room for some gratitude and let it shift your perspective.  It will open your eyes to more possibilities and create room for a little bit of joy, or humor, or comfort, or many other things you might prefer to a problem.
With profound gratitude for having you in my life,

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  • I found your site scrolling through FB. Very real and positive vibe to it. Add me to your contact list!

    Cheryll Snow
    Chattanooga, TN

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