Saturday morning yoga class.  Stand tall, arms high, fingers wide.  “Create more space for what you desire in your life” the instructor said.  I have stood in that same pose, heard the same instruction many many times.  Usually I am thinking “yeah, yeah, let’s get on with the real stuff.”  Somehow on that Saturday morning, I finally got it.
Don’t you just love those moments of clarity when the difficult becomes simple and clear?!
Here’s what flowed into my understanding on a recent Saturday morning….
I have spent a lifetime not wanting the bad feelings in my life.  Who does?  No one wants to feel like a failure, or rejected, or inadequate.  I have not wanted it so much that I would rather run from it.  I would rather “zone out” and go on auto-pilot so I wouldn’t have to feel it.  The feelings don’t go away though.  You just start living life unconsciously.
But, what if negative feelings are part of being human and part of the experience of living. The goal isn’t to get rid of the bad feelings, but rather to integrate them into daily living and to create space for more of the good feelings in our life.
Here’s what I mean….  If I feel sad, that is ok.  I can constrict myself around the sad and let that be all the space there is.  Or….  I can open up and expand and create room for more.  I can create space for some gratitude, a little excitement over what might be coming next, some relief that the worst has passed.  It doesn’t mean that the sad goes away, but there is more space for what I do want in my everyday.  And wow, does that feel better!
I can expand.
Rather than constrict.
Getting still and recognizing what we are really feeling and then making a decision to open up for more is an empowering move.  For me, staying deeply connected with my meditation practice helps me to continue to open up, expand my awareness, create the space for possibilities.  They are there.  They are always right there.
Open on up,

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