Are the changes you want to make in your life exciting to participate in, or do you dread the effort?  What if I told you I think the process of change could be a remarkably empowering time in your life?  Even while doing the work…

I recently told a story about how I often want projects to be completed without having to dig in and get busy.  It’s true…  Like, I just want the attic cleaned, but I don’t want to do the work.  What if the truth is: the work IS life — and life can be full of joy and happiness…???  Crazy?  I don’t think so.
I didn’t want to clean that attic of mine, because it was going to be hot.  It was going to be hard to decide what to keep and what to get rid of.  Boxes were going to be heavy.  I’d rather sit in the sunshine and rest.
If I approached the work of cleaning the attic with the mindset that it would be miserable, it probably would be.  But…. if I approached the cleaning of the attic as if it were an adventure, or at the very least something positive for me to do, then it might turn into an activity with a sprinkle of magic.  What I mean is, if I focus on the good things, the possibility of good things, then those very good things have a space to show up.
I don’t know that cleaning my attic was the grand adventure that would have made for a really perfect story.  There were no great mysteries to solve or hidden treasure chests to find.
However…  it was full of magical moments.  I was moving some boxes and found artwork my daughter did in 1st grade.  I let myself sink back into those memories of her and it was sweet.  I shared many laughs with my love as we bumped our heads and quizzed each other “over what in the world is this thing?”.  I still stand my ground that most of the “junk” belonged to him!  I found a vase that belonged to my Grandmother and brought it downstairs so that I can see it more often.  I moved a number of things out of the house that no longer hold value for me  and gave them to others who are in need.
As my focus stayed in possibility the “work” became more pleasant.  At times, it was even enjoyable.
Our inner work is just like that.  It may be hard to learn how to meditate, to integrate new communication patterns, to forgive, but it is in doing the work that we find the joy of living.
Did it feel good when I was done?  Yes.  Absolutely.  Was being done more important than the quality of the day I just had?  Not a chance.

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