I often want projects and goals to be completed quickly.  And quite painlessly.

For instance, I may decide I want to organize the attic, but what I really want is the attic to be organized.  I’m not that interested in doing the strenuous work required to get it organized…

Or, I may want to understand a complicated concept.  Lately this has been understanding how to run a website…  Truly, I’m not really interested in the learning process, but rather the finished product and the confidence that comes with understanding.

In my work (and in my personal life, if I’m telling the truth here…) I very often hear this:

“Rosemary, this is too hard!  I am ready for this anxiety / depression / loneliness / you fill in the blank to be gone.  I’m ready to be better!”

I get that.  I do.  But I don’t believe it’s realistic, if we really and truly, deep down, want change.

There’s often lots of buy-in from all of us that we need to learn to meditate, to improve our self-esteem, to set healthy boundaries, to improve our communication, or whatever it may be for you, but the issue is…. we just want that to be happening – we don’t really want to do the work.

Uh oh.  Now what?!

I don’t think this has to be the end of the story.  We have some choices here.

We can either keep doing what we are doing and get the results we are getting, OR, we can choose to do something differently.  We can CHOOSE to engage and participate in the work required.

We can do the work.  We can get the consequences and outcomes we want.

Lest this sound like a sentence to only painful work and no play…  I also believe the work is the fun part.  More about that to come soon.

Give it a shot.  Do one thing today that would take you one step closer to where you want to be.  I dare you.  🙂

We hung in there in my house.  You should see the organization going on in the attic!

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