I have a really, really, great friend. You know, the kind you would call at 4:00 am if your whole world was falling apart AND she would show up? Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. She’s that kinda girl in my life.

This really great friend of mine is quite tiny in stature – you could easily call her “petite”. She even has a quiet voice – the kind that calms things down rather than demands attention. And while she’s tiny in body, she is gigantic in heart and mind. Quite to my amazement, she chose a profession that is male dominated. I’m saying that she is often the only female in the room, on the project, at the site, etc. There have been periods in my life where I would find it difficult to speak up in that environment. I might even say I would be intimidated… One day I asked her how in the world she was able to manage with that much testosterone all the time. Didn’t her opinions get overlooked and she get lost in the crowd?

My friend looked at me and said that she did sometimes miss having more gender neutral conversations at work. But then she said the most profound thing…. “Don’t worry, I KNOW HOW TO CLAIM MY SPACE”.

It was like fireworks started shooting off in my head. I got it – really deep down got what she was saying. This is a woman who knows her education is enough, she knows her intellect is enough, her skill set for the job is enough, and her training is enough. She deserves a seat at the table… and she knows it. She realized some time ago that she has gifts and perspectives that have value. She didn’t just conclude this because of the degrees on her wall, or the long list of qualifications she has. She knew this deep down inside herself. In fact, others in the room might have more prestigious degrees or qualifications. And yet, she grasped and accepted her own value.

This is not simply a gender issue – this is a personal issue for everyone. Understand and claim your space in your own life, knowing, believing, and accepting your value wherever you may be.

You have the right to a seat at the table. Whether it’s at work… at school… at home… with friends…. with spouses…. with parents…. with kids…. Claim Your Space!

You are more than enough,




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