Life is full of things we can’t change. I can’t change the weather. I can’t change the traffic patterns that slow me down. I can’t make you love me.

But….there’s a difference between a fact and the myths we tell ourselves. We can tell some pretty tall tales as we justify why things are the way they are. Fact and fiction often get confused. Fiction can sound like “I can’t ever lose the weight”, “I am doomed to have bad relationships”, “this is as good as it will ever get”. Because something has never been, does not mean it can never be! Where’s the evidence to support that theory?

Knowing the difference of what you can change and what you cannot makes you powerful. It places your personal power in all the right places. Usually, that is completely within yourself.

You can change what needs changing.

You can move on, let go, accept what isn’t serving you and nail it to the past.

You can forgive.

You can embrace, integrate, adopt new patterns that propel you where you want to be.

You can alter or redirect your path. You can course correct.

You can do things you have never done before.

You can overcome the challenges you haven’t been able to overcome before.

You can absolutely find joy again, or for the first time.

Are you spending your energy trying to change facts? Focus inward and change yourself and watch everything else get easier.

Yes. You. Can.


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