My daughter is graduating from college next month. Yikes! I remember the day this “little girl” came into the world. She arrived with great fanfare during a blizzard and her Doctor had to take a snowmobile to get to the hospital. She has filled up my life and has been my greatest joy ever since her grand arrival.

During this time of graduation preparation and life change (resumes, job offers, next steps…), I have been so proud of all that she has accomplished. I have also found myself not breathing at times as I watch her move further into her life and out of my nest. This time of accomplishment and celebration is full of moments of sadness and letting go. It is a time of balancing the anxiety of what is coming, the longing for what was, and the joy of accomplishment and desires fulfilled.

Isn’t that just like life? It gets complicated. It’s when complex feeling words – like bittersweet – are so appropriate. It can be a gut reaction to push away the negative, or to feel guilty when it arises in times that “should” feel good. The truth is, it’s complicated and has way more layers than we often give credit. Experience what is, and let it be without judgment. Honor how you feel – when you feel it. It’s ok to feel sadness and joy at the same time. It’s even expected.

It is what it is,


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