Do you have a phrase you say a lot? Back in the day my top phrases would have been: “cool your jets”, “get real”, “I kid you not”, or “all that and a bag of chips”. It makes me laugh to think of the slang that has moved in and out of my vocabulary. Lately, I am hearing that I say “and that is so ok” a lot. I didn’t even realize it, but I’m glad it’s heavy in my speech because it is a guiding belief in my life and practice. Here’s what I mean… It is ok to grieve, feel sadness, be anxious over the future, or have concerns about your relationships. It’s soooo ok. Feeling something in the negative emotion spectrum does not make you crazy, or someone who has poor coping skills! In fact, it is pretty normal to have negative emotions show up. The kicker here is this…. negative emotions bring messages. They are letting us know that something is out of balance and we need to check in and pay attention. Sometimes they are telling us that we need to process through a trauma, loss, unhealthy belief, or whatever it may be, but they bring information.

When negative emotions are ignored or “stuffed away”, as lots of folks like to say, that’s when they get to be problematic. It is like the stuffing away makes them grow, gives them supernatural powers, and they become more than we can manage. But when we let them be whatever they are, and stop fighting to get them to go away, they pass, they diminish, they subside, they get bearable.

Whatever you’re feeling today, hold it in a non-judgmental place and let it be. This is a practice in mindfulness – just being aware of what is and letting go of the need to change it. And that is so ok.

I kid you not,


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