I met a man one day who told me he was always depressed. I remarked on the beautiful blue sky that was showing up after days of gloomy rain. His response to me was, “Yes, it is beautiful, but it would be better if it were warmer”. Such a typical and understandable response from someone who is depressed. It was bitter cold outside, but the point was we were INSIDE. We were inside looking at a beautiful blue sky with bright sunshine. We were warm and able to enjoy the light streaming through the trees. And, it WAS beautiful.

Sometimes the answer is to introduce some punctuation into our speech. My favorite is the “period”. Rather than running that sentence on with a but, however, because, etc etc etc, try using a period. Think about the man who used but in his sentence above. What if he had just said, “Yes, it is beautiful.”? Imagine what that would have felt like. What if we stopped needing more to find happiness? Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, and happiness is present in the what is right now. Sometimes we need to stop and let the moment be enough. It often is.

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