Can you come for dinner? “I would love to but my schedule is full”. How are you? “Great! Really busy but great”. At the end of every conversation with my mother… “Rosemary, please get some rest”. I live a full and beautiful life that is overbooked, over-stimulated (who doesn’t know about the vortex of time that is social media and Netflix marathons??…), and full of dreams and drive to make them come true. Lately though, I have realized how much my beloved busyness stifles my creativity, is harmful to my health, and it interferes with relationships I cherish. I am forever telling my clients to listen to their own voice and truth and yet, how do you do that if you are never still. The voice inside us is soft and gentle and impossible to hear amongst the clang of busyness. So, right now, not next week, I am slowing down some. Not a full stop but a conscious and mindful decision to go within to be present and listen.

I think this can sound impossible to do but here are some ways we can make it happen. Because we are all powerful like this in our lives and we CAN make changes when needed. So, here’s what this could look like…. Is there music playing in your background? Stop for a second and identify the song. Do you like it? Do you know the words? What other sounds can you hear? You have to get really still to identify them all. Come on, listen harder than just the a/c…. What do you see right now? Is it pleasing to you? Besides just my computer screen I see a framed blessing on my desk that reads “May every sunrise hold more promise, and every sunset hold more peace.”. Ahhhh, that feels good to settle on that for a moment.


Where is some beauty in your view? What can you smell? I have a fragrant candle burning and a sweet puppy in my lap that smells like love to me. Deep breaths of that. What temperature is it outside? Take a break and go stand there for a second. Feel the cold or warm on your skin. Really be present for the sensation. Are you eating? Slow down. Identify the flavors in your food. Is it spicy, sweet, or somewhere in between? How many ingredients can you identify? I am tasting a glass of water that I have poured as a gift to my body. It feels good to nourish this vessel of mine.

See, it’s not so hard to get present and still. It simply requires our attention to do so. Let’s slow down, let’s listen to the voice inside, and let’s nourish our souls.



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  • Thank you Rosemary, I felt your words and am obeying that soft voice within me telling me to so down and be present.

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