Do you ever have a great idea and are “all systems go” to implement it?  My desire to launch a website and start a blog were the latest for me, and here’s how things got going in my head… “I want to write a blog.  I’m a fairly intelligent woman with things to say.  Should be no big issue.  I have no idea what blogs look like (I sometimes think I must live in a bubble…), or how to do it, so I’ll be my resourceful self and do a little research..”  Then…. WOW – I quickly found out this is an art form.  I started following blogs that touched me – creative specimens of someone’s soul so clear I felt I knew the writers like long-time friends.  I read their stories, and envied their photographic and computer skills, and immediately felt deflated. I wanted to quit when I saw what “perfection” looks like.  Here’s what THAT sounded like in my head… “You don’t write well enough to communicate effectively like they do, you don’t have the creative talent (nor the time) to create these pieces of magic, this is too scary, maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.”

I realize this isn’t very healthy self-talk but oh, how familiar the pattern.  I think we all do it to some degree.  We have these great ideas – we’ll get emotionally and physically healthy, balance our budget, run a marathon, paint, etc etc etc –  and then we realize we aren’t perfect immediately or it’s just simply too hard to learn or even get started.  Truth is….this is when we stick it out – we show up with what we have and let life meet us in the middle.  We don’t have to be perfect, we just have to be true to what it is we love and want to do.  And then, Show. Up.  So, here I am.  Showing up.  I’m continuing to remember that what I have to offer the world is uniquely mine and not up for comparison, because that’s where fear settles so deeply I can’t move forward.  Comparing myself to perfection and others gets me in trouble every time.  I’m going to keep reading these blogs and allowing their creative spirits to gently urge me along my journey.  And, I’m going to keep showing up knowing this…. “I am enough”.

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