I read a book once that spoke to the idea that we all have one word to say.  I remember thinking that was such an odd concept and who could ever figure out what theirs might be?  There were exercises to help identify your word – maybe it was rest ,or peace, or love.  None of those fit for me.  I thought maybe mine was excitement for a while, because I have always been a bit too excitable.  Several years later I was moving and as I began to unpack my belongings into my new home it quickly became clear what my word was.  Engraved on plaques, rocks, planter markers, post-it notes, you name it, was my word….BELIEVE.  It makes sense to me now – this concept that I have a word that is primary to me.  I share this word so often in my work and in encouraging those I love – simply believe (stronger than hope I think) for better days and goals attained.

Here are just SOME of the MANY things I believe in:

  1. I believe in second chances.  Or third or fourth if you need it.  They don’t run out.
  2. I believe love is real.
  3. I believe everything will work out.
  4. I believe in magic and miracles.
  5. I believe in the goodness of people.
  6. I believe it is possible to find happiness in everyday.
  7. I believe forgiveness is the only way we make it.
  8. I believe being in nature can heal our soul.
  9. I believe in the untapped potential found in all of us.
  10. I believe there is always something to be grateful for – sometimes you just have to look harder than others.

Are there things you believe in?  I’d love to hear from you.  Maybe you have a word that keeps showing up in your life.  How do you share yours?

Keep on believing,


One comment on “BELIEVE

  • I have more than one word. The three words I say all the time, it’s in my room and on things I write and represents my tattoo are Faith, Hope, Love. I love your message!

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